MJS Projects (March) Ltd

Client: MJS Projects (March) Ltd – University of East Anglia Arts 3 Hub

Value : Circa 100K

Date: Summer 2016

Services Provided :- Services Design, Electrical, Mechanical, Fire Alarm, IT & Ventilation alterations

Brief: -

From the initial concept to project handover we had ten weeks to deliver this scheme.

- Design team meetings to discuss the scope and budget of the scheme
- Initial concept drawings and cost options for client approval
- Scheme costed approved and drawn up
- Installation of new LED intelligent controlled suspended lighting system
- Contemporary cable containment system to provide power, data, fire alarm and IT to individual office POD systems
- Automatic door and access control
- Installation and alteration of heating system
- Fire alarm system
- Alterations to the existing ventilation system
- New electrical distribution system
- Testing and commissioning